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I don’t normally pay any attention to these fake pages but this guy in particular has been stealing my photos for too long and getting away with it.
He even goes so far as to ask for money from people who genuinely believe he is me.
If you see any of these accounts where the name is Afaff, Butler, etc please report and block them.
I only have one website:
My only Twitter accounts: Saraurora & SaraWillis (used for promotion).
This is my only tumblr page.
My only Facebook page:
My only instagram account is saraurora1.
I do not have ANY other pages anywhere else (bar an unused/dead account on CandyCrib). I don’t have any Facebook accounts where you can add me as a friend, only my personal one for family only.
I feel silly for saying this but considering I had an argument with someone who insisted my name was Afaff I probably should: my name is Sara Willis, not Afaff butler/aurora/gary/afaff/foffa.
Thanks x

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